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BD Provena™ Midline Catheters

January 5, 2022

BD Provena™ Midline Catheters are a family of peripherally inserted IV catheters. They are made from radiopaque body softening polyurethane materials.1

BD Provena™ Midline Catheters are indicated for reliable, short-term (less than 30 days) vascular access. They are suitable for selected intravenous therapies, blood sampling and power injection of contrast media for any patient population, with consideration given to the adequacy of vascular anatomy and procedure appropriateness.1

Smaller diameter, bigger benefits 

Historically, the use of smaller diameters catheters resulted in reduced flow rates and power-injection capabilities. This forced clinicians to choose between a smaller catheter-to vein ratio or settle for reduced performance.  

Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice state that the least invasive vascular access device with the smallest outer diameter and the fewest number of lumens needed for the prescribed therapy should be selected.2

By combining proprietary polyurethane material technology and manufacturing processes, we at BD have created smaller diameter modified Seldinger technique (MST) midlines that also maintain the high performance for infusion therapy. 

BD Provena™ Midline Catheters must be used following the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice statement that urges the use of maximal sterile barrier precautions with midline catheter insertion.2 



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Approval number BD-49271

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