Vascular Access Team (VAT) video podcast #1 – Defining, organising and evaluating the impact of a hospital Vascular Access Team

This video is the first in a five-part series about Vascular Access Teams (VATs); how they are structured and what kind of impact they can have across Europe.  

  • What are the barriers in preventing a wider adoption of VATs in hospitals and how can their organisational impacts be monitored and subsequently enhanced? 
  • Does establishment of a VAT result in learning and continuous improvement amongst healthcare professionals as well as patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction?
  • How can more awareness be generated around this important topic?

The first episode of this series includes insights and experiences from multiple VAT Leads across Europe including two nurses, two anaesthesiologists and a vascular access surgeon:

  • Gema Munoz – lead vascular access nurse, Royal Marsden NHS Trust, London UK
  • Noemí Cortés Rey – nursing supervisor, Hospital Teresa Herrera, A Coruña Spain
  • Fulvio Pinelli – anaesthesiologist & director VA Centre, Careggi University Hospital, Florence Italy
  • Baudolino Mussa – vascular access surgeon/professor of VA, University of Turin, Italy
  • Vincent Piriou – head of anaesthesia and resuscitation department, Hospices Civils de Lyon, France

Watch the video to learn more from the experts about what constitutes a VAT, how it is structured and what impact it can have.

Stay tuned for the next videos in the series:

If you would like to see the previous article and video introducing this series please click here.

Watch Vascular Access Team (VAT) video podcast #1


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