Our healthcare system is being stretched thin

The healthcare system is being asked to do more for…

an older population with increased rates of chronic diseases & multiple pathologies

While dealing with...

shrinking budgets, an overstretched workforce, evolving treatment locations and patients with higher demands and expectations

There are increasingly more challenges to delivering high-quality care

Challenges come from many different directions

Internal: staff retention and recruitment, information management

External: regulation, inspection and economic constraints

Patient: reputation, choice between NHS or private institution

Medical: safety, outcomes, increasing demand alongside more complicated patient needs

Healthcare objectives apply additional pressure on organisations

Healthcare objectives

Improve local and national health outcomes

Create the safest, highest quality healthcare service

Make a major, positive change in preventing ill health and promote healthier living

Improve out-of-hospital care

Support research, innovation and growth

Balance the NHS budget and improve efficiency and productivity

Ensure every patient receives care that is safe, effective, sustainable and compassionate

What makes an organisation successful?

A successful organisation

Outcomes delivered

Increased quality of care

Time and resources efficiently allocated

Risk and costs suitably managed

Improved public confidence

Increase in innovation and people investment

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