AMR represents a major challenge for the healthcare world across the globe


Multidrug-resistant bacteria are estimated to cause an economic loss of more than €1.5bn every year.2

10 million deaths related to AMR in 2050

Certain pathogens have a >50% resistance rate.2

10 million


Challenges in Antimicrobial Stewardship and Resistance

Antimicrobial Stewardship and Resistance

From sample collection to diagnostics to drug treatment and dispensing, the solutions BD provides help drive the appropriate use of antibiotics through effective infection prevention strategies that help identify and type an infection accurately and in a timely way to facilitate targeted, and optimized antibiotic treatment.

Optimized antibiotic treatment through a integrated approach. Delivering accurate ID/AST results for right antibiotics prescription that leads to optimized drug dispensing.

Improved sample collection
Improved sample quality resulting in faster and more consistent results, greater diagnostic accuracy, prevention of sample collection errors, and poor quality samples and retesting.

Screening & Diagnostics
Fastest possible pathogen identification and accurate susceptibility testing, enabling more effective clinical decision-making and facilitating prompt and appropriate patient treatment decisions that aid in mitigating antimicrobial resistance.

Surveillance and reporting
Using a digital infrastructure to accelerate remote multi-site diagnostic results availability between the lab and second location. Enables faster decisions about antibiotic therapy. Allows for surveillance of epidemiological trends.

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