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Product Spotlight – Transition to NRFit™ Spinal Anaesthesia with BD

March 4, 2021

Misconnection errors can be fatal1. NRFit™ technology, the new standard in spinal anaesthesia products, can help prevent these errors. By replacing the universal luer connector design, the NRFit™ standard helps prevent neuraxial misconnections and improve patient safety2.

With the right partner, transitioning to a safer standard of care can be easy. BD manufactures a full portfolio of ISO 80369-6 compliant spinal anaesthesia products and is committed to supporting our customers make a smooth transition to NRFit™ products. With NRFit™ products from BD, the connection may be new, but the quality and ease of use remain the same.

ISO 80369-6 compliant BD® Spinal NRFit™ needles and sets are now available as:
The BD® Whitacre Spinal NRFit™ Needle combines the improved safety of the NRFit™ design with the pioneer of the pencil-point spinal needle3 to help anaesthetists conduct safe spinal anaesthesia procedures.
BD® Quincke Spinal NRFit™ Needles feature a stylet and cannula hub key/slot arrangement that facilitates proper needle bevel orientation.


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