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IV original equipment manufacturer BD aids MedTech partners

May 9, 2022

BD as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offers guidance to MedTech partners on producing intravenous (IV) devices for drug preparation and administration. An OEM is defined as a company whose goods are used as components in the products of other companies, which then sell the finished items to users1. 

For over 125 years, BD has developed extensive experience, technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities in the large-scale production of medical devices in general and IV devices in particular.  

Offering a comprehensive original equipment manufacturer portfolio for medical devices 

We have a comprehensive IV OEM portfolio for multiple applications. They include the following devices:  

  • Drip chambers 
  • Needle-free connectors 
  • Luer lock connectors 
  • Caps 
  • Accessories with light protection 
  • Stopcocks 
  • Transfer spikes 

Partnering with MedTech providers to manufacture IV devices 

Today, we offer our knowledge and range of medical devices to MedTech providers through long-term partnerships with them. The goal is to help these partners develop safe and innovative devices for IV drug preparation and administration.  

 The right medical device is designed according to its application and intended use. To manufacture these devices, we rely on a fully integrated production cycle, including:  

  • Tubing extrusion 
  • Injection moulding 
  • Highly automated assembly 

 Supporting MedTech partners with device development and validation 

 We send models to MedTech partners’ research and development (R&D) departments, so that the right BD components are chosen for their applications, in accordance with good clinical practice in Europe. 

 Further support is offered for the validation process. BD and the MedTech partner align on an acceptable quality level (AQL) and set up quality agreements. 

 We also help MedTech partners manage pricing, capacity and timeline requirements for IV devices. These long-term partnerships help ensure that medical devices are of high quality and delivered on time. 

 By leveraging BD OEM expertise, MedTech partners can deliver appropriate IV devices to healthcare facilities across the region. Supporting other MedTech suppliers is another way BD is advancing the world of health™.  

 The following video will explain these partnerships, while showing the BD IV OEM portfolio. 


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