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BD Plastipak™ Syringes – Follow the 60-year journey

January 3, 2022

This year, BD Plastipak™ Syringes are celebrating the 60th anniversary of their release into the market.   

Following the invention of polypropylene in the 1950s, BD created the BD Plastipak™ range of disposable syringes, that first entered the market in 1961. BD Plastipak™ Syringes, initially produced at the BD plant in Canaan, Connecticut, are now made at several sites worldwide. 

Riding on several firsts in design, innovation and sterility,  BD Plastipak™ Syringes have, since their introduction, served the world of healthcare with dedication and continue to do so today. From helping in the eradication of smallpox to contributing to the global vaccination campaign against COVID-19, BD Plastipak™ Syringes have delivered invaluable service towards Advancing the world of health™ 


Watch this video to learn about the important milestones on the 60-year journey of BD Plastipak™ Syringes:


Approval number BD-47986