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A BD webinar—Is your syringe intravenous (IV) infusion system safe for your patients?

March 7, 2022

BD recently welcomed Professor Markus Weiss, MD to speak about advancing patient safety in syringe intravenous (IV) infusion systems.

Syringe pump systems are increasingly used to deliver complex and sophisticated IV therapies in critical care, anaesthesia, emergency care and many other fields of medicine.Even though modern medication delivery systems offer precision and may enhance  patient safety, the risks of morbidity from residual medication or delays in delivery remain.1

If the components of these systems do not work together, it can result in significant start-up delays, flow irregularities or occlusion alarm delays.2

What does this mean for the patient?

It can lead to:

  • Delays in therapy3
  • Over-infusion or under-infusion3
  • Abnormal or unstable blood pressure3
  • Anxiety from loss of sedation3
  • Increased pain in critically ill infants3

So, how do you determine if your syringe IV infusion system is set up properly and is safe for your patients?

Watch this webinar replay where Professor Weiss reiterates some of the technical risks that can occur when using syringe IV infusion systems for IV therapy and provides recommendations to help reduce these effects and related clinical adverse events.

Many of the issues can potentially be avoided with the implementation and use of the appropriate syringe IV pump therapy system.3

He advocates for continuous education and training of personnel and clear guidelines on the use of syringe IV infusion systems.

During the webinar replay, you will also hear Professor Weiss introduce some of the latest technical developments which he believes could address some of the limitations of current systems to advance patient safety in the future.

If you would like more information on how to help advance patient safety using syringe IV infusion systems​, please click here.



Disclaimer: This presentation contains the personal and professional opinions of the individual speakers and are not necessarily those of Becton, Dickinson and Company (“BD”) or any Business Unit or affiliate of BD. 


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