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BD Oncology live webinar #2 – Unlocking Hidden Capacity Through Digitalised Automation

April 1, 2021

Can you imagine being able to treat more patients safely and quickly using the same resources?

This webinar is the second in a five-part series about the challenges that oncology pharmacy services face, both in the increasing demand of cytotoxic medication and the pressure of tightening budgets.

We spoke with three healthcare professionals in the oncology department at East Tallinn Central Hospital to find out how they have unlocked their hidden capacity using BD digitalised automation solutions:

  • Head of Pharmacy, Ülle Meren
  • Head of Oncology, Dr. Kristiina Ojamaa
  • Oncology Nurse, Dmitri Tšornõi

Facing challenges of increasing number of patients, a lack of medical personnel and tightening of budgets, the oncology team looked at BD Cato™ Prescribe to help automate their processes from prescription, through preparation and on to administration.

Ms. Meren, Dr. Ojamaa, and Mr. Tšornõi shared experiences from their unique viewpoints and strongly agree that digitalisation of processes has made a notable difference in their efficiency and accuracy. In this presentation, they share results they achieved after implementing BD solutions in their hospital:

Pharmacy impact:

  • 35% reduction in medication preparation time
  • Compounding doubled over 7 years to almost 15,000 preparations
  • Gravimetrically checked vials within a 3% error rate, minimising the risk for dose calculation errors
  • Improved management of medication remnants, while reducing costs

Oncology impact:

  • Aim of transitioning to a paper-free hospital accomplished
  • One-click to see all chemotherapy drug history, allergies and side effects in one place vs. tracking down paper documentation
  • Statistical reports: being able to see the frequency certain medications were used over specific time periods

Nursing impact:

  • 3 hrs 24 minutes of nursing time per day reallocated to improved patient-focused care
  • Improved communication between nurses, doctors, pharmacists and technicians
  • Reduction in training time for new nurses as all information is stored digitally

It is remarkable to hear these first-hand accounts from three different specialists in the same oncology ward. Hearing their viewpoints really demonstrates the beneficial reach that digitalised automation can have in an organization.

Watch the webinar

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